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Modelling, Interpretation and Alternate Representations:
Visualization technology, Heritage Buildings & Coastal Threats

Event 1. A brief report...

The first day of Event 1 was held in Bangor at Bangor University hosted by the Welsh Institute for Social and Cultural Affairs. After a welcome by Jonathan Roberts and Ray Karl, John Latham (from the National Trust) gave a short presentation on Dinas Dinlle. He hightlited how the site had changed over the years - mostly by coastal erosion. Subsequently, the day continued with five presentations. The presentations covered High Fidelity Rendering, Urban Modelling, Information from the People's Collection, Geophysics and its visualization and Uncertainty Visualization. The second day was held in Technium CAST at Parc Menai, Bangor. The day started with various demonstrations: including the use of the PowerWall, haptic rendering using the Novint Falcon, and the demonstration of online virtual worlds (in this case Second Life) for modelling buildings and historic sites. After a few break-out sessions and discussions the day concluded with a site tour of the National Trust's site Dinas Dinlle.
Jonathan C. Roberts

Workshop attendees Workshop attendees at Event 1.
askdjh Discussions and work in progress.
Towards Dinas Dinlle Towards Dinas Dinlle
Coastal Errosion of the Hill fort Coastal erosion of the hill fort
On the hill fort On the Hill Fort



Photo Gallery

Dinas Dinlle Coastal erosionLooking at the eroded hill fort (Dinas Dinlle).