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Modelling, Interpretation and Alternate Representations:
Visualization technology, Heritage Buildings & Coastal Threats

Event 2. A brief report...

Both days of Event 2 were held in Bangor at Technium CAST at Parc Menai.

Day 1.

After a welcome by Jonathan Roberts the day progressed with a series of talks. Jonathan Roberts gave an overview of 11 reasons of multiple views in visualization (including: Filtering, Projections, Hypothesis testing, time/temporal periods, and representing different opinions and stories). Alan Chalmers presented on "Real Virtuality Archaeology" where he discussed how different technologies and (input) devices can be used to generate a multi-modal interactive experience. He presented ideas from the towards real-virtuality project. David Drinkwater enthused the audience with various heritage visualizations. Ray Karl discussed postmodernism and multivocality and encouraged us to move away from "authoritative, uniform narratives" and let different voices be heard and demonstrate multiple discourses. Posing questions of how can we best achieve this, and use technology to demonstrate different views.

Day 2.

Karen Padmore and Iolo Price from Technium CAST demonstrated various visualizations of Dinas Dinlle that had been generated for the project, also desmonstrating work for the People's Collection, showing various alternative representations that stimulated debate. They also demonstrated the PowerWall technology, giving examples of various stereo visualizations.

Gary Robinson enlightened us to the importance of the sea; discussing that often historians view the sea as an afterthought rather than a principle agent, but we should reverse that view, as often "the sea takes on meaning through looking onto the land".

Gareth Beale, and Leif Isaksen presented ideas of multivocality in archaeology discussing "multiple archaeology", "multiple pasts" and "multiple publics". Finally, Adam Wainwright and Michael Roberts presented a joint talk on sea-level and coastal change.

Jonathan C. Roberts

Attendees - event 2 Workshop attendees at Event 2.
Discussions - event 2 Discussions and work in progress.
Event 2 - the Powerwall Event 2. Alan Chalmers presenting.
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Photo Gallery

sketch of Dinas DinlleSketch of Dinas Dinlle (J.C.Roberts, May 09)